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September special: WHY Vibe!

This month is for questioning the ‘why- factors’ of our life which decifer the human truth to an extent. “Why” is a very important question base to a human being .The answer to every WHY question is not specific but it is a Vibe which makes sense.


The Try Angle is a space for trying out tiny activities and silly stuffs. So the first task is already accomplished 😉 as you can see here.


psychology is a place of discovering the human minds and more and more future personality. This core page of the blog is about, where we discover the different vibes of a man. A man can be described as the fragments of habits, memory, their instinct action and( the special feature of each individual differentiate from one human to another.) Lets explore the world of MAN VIBE.

Art and Quote

Art and Quote literally is a page enriched with the colorful quotes. It is another way of expressing the inner world of human thought even though sometimes the lines don’t make any sense at first sight.

Language learning

(Language page will open from next year onwards and continues from June 2021.)

A language and it’s accent shows the personality of that country and language is the first step for understanding the culture of a country. If you are a language learner who likes to speak with everyone around the world, a traveller,  or a language lover or carving to be a polyglot, then this page is for you.

” In the small matters trust the mind, in the large ones the Heart”

– Sigmund Freud.

“You can’t but your brain can, that is the key to orgin.”

– Theerdha g pillai


#blank page for new Vibes.

ManVibe is a blog were it deals with human psychology, Art and Quotes and different language learning.

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